Over 17 years of experience as a professional photographer, based in Perth AU. I specialise in unit stills, BTS, Gallery and key art photography
My dedication and experience will bring your unique creative vision and ideas to life.
I am a photographer and adventurer based in Western Australia, Australia. I am a DRD4-7R-gene (adventurer gene) over-expressor that refuses to resign to maturity, and I am more comfortable outside my comfort zone than in it.
I am a fully qualified PADI Photographic Diver.
I have permanent working rights in Australia (citizen), the USA (citizen), and the UK (Permanent Right of Abode). I am available to travel worldwide for a film with contacts (i.e.access to accommodation):
 -Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, (AUS)
 -Boston, and L.A, (USA)
  London, Oxford, Cambridge, Worthing, Birmingham, Edinburgh (UK).
As such I can be considered a local hire, around the world.
In 2010, my wife and I travelled around the world as part of a 17-month, 50,000 km, two-up, unsponsored, and unsupported motorcycle adventure. This adventure spanned Europe, Africa, and SE Asia, crossing 26 countries to reach home in Australia. Which has resulted in several solo Photographic Exhibitions.
I have loved photography, travel, and adventure sports for as long as I can remember. Having ridden motorcycles around the world, SCUBA dived everywhere from the Caribbean to the Great Barrier Reef. I have travelled to every continent and have hiked around the world from the mountains of Nepal to Alaska to Antarctica.
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